RECHARGEABLE AA batteries (NiMH) and 8-bay, 12-bay, 16-bay chargers

PLEASE NOTE: Not all camera traps (especially not recommended for strobe flash cameras) can use the lower voltage (1.2v) NiMH rechargeable batteries as this lower voltage can cause operational issues. Those that can will also experience significantly shorter working battery life in the field and will need to be recharged / changed more often.

  • What only stock the reputable GP brand of NiMH rechargeable batteries and we have the following chargers available…
  • 8-bay / 12-bay / 16-bay AA/AAA battery chargers

Accurate voltage detection ensures no over-charging and under-charging.
Reverse polarity protection (mechanically) ensures charger and batteries would not be damaged if user inserts batteries with reversed polarity.


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