EXTENDED POWER to CAMERA (external 6V / 12V power supply)


  • Extend the battery life of your 6v or 12v camera (only models with relevant external power ports) with the following;
  • 6v 10Ah Sealed Lead-acid (SLA) rechargeable battery
  • 12v 7Ah Sealed Lead-acid (SLA) rechargeable battery
  • Battery to camera connection cable – allows any suitable 6V or 12V external power source to be pugged into the cameras external power port.
  • AC (220V) to DC (6V) Power adaptor – This AC wall adapter will provide plug-in power for applicable 6V camera models Spartan Camera. The adapter has US/Canada two prong plugs for 110v-220v wall power.
  • Switch Mode Battery Charger 6V and 12V / 750mAh – 3 step charger. This is a smart, 3-step fully automatic switch mode battery charger and maintainer, designed for charging a variety of SLA (sealed lead acid) batteries, widely used in motorbikes, cars, vintage cars and snowmobiles. The batteries may be of various types i.e. WET/Flooded, GEL, AGM batteries capacity from 6V/1.2 Ah to 6V/20 Ah and 12V/1.2 Ah to 12V/20 Ah. The charger recovers slightly sulfated batteries and rescues drained battery. It provides trickle charge and maintenance charging which increase battery life and gives superb performance. It is also ideal for maintaining batteries of non-regularly used vehicles of all types.


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