A 4G/LTE Live Streaming capable cellular trail/security camera that features a 5MP CMOS sensor with an intelligent image recognition that can automatically choose the best images.
– Camera uses invisible Black Flash (no glow) LEDs when recording at night.
– Cellular Network Sim card is required.
– Camera can Live Stream video clip for up to a 2-minute to your mobile phone via the LinckEazi App.
– Time duration to access a Live video feed is approximately 30-seconds providing good network signal is available.
– Once Live Stream video begins, press the record button on your mobile phone to record the event. Audio is also captured during the Live Stream feed.
– For best results when sending a command to access a Live video feed, allow minimum of 5-minutes between clips before sending another command to access a new Live video feed.
– The Live Streaming function button is available only on the LinckEazi App and not the LinckEazi Web-Portal.
20 FREE SMS commands can be sent per day to access Live Stream functions, change camera settings etc.
– Easy Setup via the FREE LinckEazi Mobile APP and LinckEazi Web-Portal. Fast photo/video transfer via the 4G LTE network.
The user has the option to choose a “Cloud” storage plan starting from €1.99 month or the FREE plan which allows for 10 days free photo/video “Cloud” storage continually ongoing and after that 10-day period the earlier photos or video will be removed from the system. (Please note: no photos or video are deleted from the memory card inside the camera) only the “Cloud” storage system.

Camera has three setup modes, Photo, Video or Time-lapse. It doesn’t matter which mode the camera is set too; you can still connect to the camera via the LinckEazi App to Live Stream a video clip.
– UOVision Live Stream “CLOUD” camera is equipped with GPS tracking chip technology. Accurate to within 4 meters.
Camera also features a “Detect Region” function where you can select certain zones across the PIR detection range to be shielded and not be detected.
Supports SDHC/SDXC memory cards up to 128GB (micro-SD type card with adapter are not recommended)
Camera operates on 12 x AA batteries via the removable internal battery box.
An alternative battery box for 6 x 18650 type rechargeable batteries is available to power this camera. Sold Separately.
Camera can also be powered using an external 9 or 12volt power supply.
– Ideal camera for monitoring game animals and as a Security application.
Please Note: To achieve the best performance when Live Streaming a video feed from this device, a good cellular network signal is required at the location where you plan to mount the camera. If a cellular network signal is marginal, the use of a Booster antenna could improve the signal strength.

• 5.0 CMOS Sensor
• 0.6 sec trigger speed
• Features Dual 4G LTE Antennas – Master & Slave – (Master antenna above camera lens)
• Dual Tracking System (DTS) PIR detection + smart motion tracking to reduce false triggers
• Broadcast Live video clips with sound direct from camera to the LinckEazi App (up to 2-minutes duration)
• Platform allows up to 20 x FREE SMS command messages sent to the camera per day.
• Supported Network: 4G LTE/3G WCDMA/GSM
• Multi-shot photo burst: 1-10 per detection (can only select one picture to send via network per detection)
• Video recording with sound: in WVGA, HD-720p, HD-1080p or HD-1440p quality
• H.264 video compression reduces video size while still retaining HD quality
• Smart video recording option for up to 3-minutes during the day while motion being detected
• Camera diagonal FOV (Field of View) 64°
• GPS tracking: accurate to within 4 meters
• APP compatible: FREE DOWNLOAD – Controls all the camera functions via LinckEazi web portal
• Sends photos and videos to a Cloud server
• 20+ meters PIR trigger detection range
• Built-in 2.4” LCD live preview & menu display screen only (no photo or video playback option)
• Adjustable Hi-Power Invisible no glow (Black Flash) LEDs for night-time illumination
• Adjustable PIR sensitivity (High, Normal, Low)
• Removable Battery tray/pack
• Option to select the FREE “Cloud” storage plan or choose a plan to meet your storage requirements.
• SD card overwrite function
• Interval/Time lapse mode: 3min – 24hours
• Up to 4 Work Time Settings
• Start-Stop function – 7-day period
• Date, Time, Temperature and Moon Phases stamps on image
• Supports SDHC/SDXC card up to 128GB (micro-SD card with adapter not recommended)
• Access Control (password protection)
• Camera rename function
• User-friendly interface
• Camera fitted with a removable 12 x AA’s Alkaline battery tray/pack
• Optional accessory 6 x 18650 rechargeable type battery tray/pack available.
• Supports external 9V or 12V DC power supply
• Camera Body Size: 158 x 114 x 71mm (not including antenna length)
• Weatherproof
• Secure python lock fitting
• Two Year camera warranty

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