UOVision UM785-HD – BLACK FLASH (CLOUD) + built-in viewer (camo)

UOVision UM785-HD CLOUD is a weatherproof cellular black flash (no glow) remote control and transmitting camera trap that transmits and notifies users of triggered footage (high-definition pictures or videos) via the supported FREE LinckEazi Cloud Service (smartphone App / web-based portal). You can choose where you want the footage to be; cloud, email, or both.

– LinckEazi Cloud Platform with extensive Remote Control Features via App & web portal + 1GB free storage space
– Immediate notification via LinckEazi smartphone App / LinckEazi on-line Cloud service
– Crystal clear picture quality (20MP resolution) with optional still picture resolutions settings of 16MP, 12MP, 10MP, 8MP, 3MP.
– Fast and adjustable 0,4 sec trigger speed.
– Full colour still pictures and videos during the day-time and black and white night time captures.
– Invisible and adjustable black flash (no glow) with a range of 20m+.
– Built-in, front-facing 2,4″ colour LCD display screen is useful for aiming & when changing camera settings or viewing footage in the field.
– Uses 12 x AA size batteries with 2-3 month operating time (depending the amount of activity and operating temperature). Batteries are loaded in to a tray which makes battery changes easy.
– Supports up to 32GB standard-size SD card capacity
– Adjustable PIR
– Adjustable scene settings
– 1-10 burst photos per activation
– 1080P / 720P / VGA video settings with audio
– Time/date/temperature + battery status info on all pictures.
– SD card “over-write” feature so if the SD card is full, the camera starts over-writing pictures from the beginning and deleting old ones (useful if the user is not able to check the camera so the camera won’t stop recording if the SD card gets full).
– Time-Lapse feature allows the camera to capture a photo or video at a user-set interval (with or without motion-heat source triggers from the PIR sensor).
– Weekly time table for Start-Stop feature allows user to pre-set the camera to work only during certain working hours for certain days. Extremely useful especially if used for proactive security…

LinckEazi is a free on-line cloud service offering 1GB of storage space. It offers immediate alert notifications (pictures / video clips) and also allows users to instantly remotely control the camera either from their smartphones via the LinckEazi App, or your own PC via the LinckEazi web portal. You can control unlimited cameras through the service, and the photos and videos are stored in the user’s own account in camera-specific albums. Downloading the free application to your smartphone is convenient because it gives you control over your camera without a PC. You can download the free LinckEazi app on your smartphone from the Google Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS) for the keyword LinckEazi. The service can thus be accessed on a computer via a web browser or via a smartphone application.
With cloud albums, you can conveniently explore the day’s events from multiple cameras, and remotely change camera settings when needed and also remotely set up the camera to take pictures and videos. Through the service, you can conveniently see important camera status information such as battery charge, SD memory card status, and cloud service memory status.
The free on-line cloud service also allows you to share your cameras activation’s (images and video clips only) with to up to 12 other guests (guest users are unable to remotely change your camera settings).

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