UOVision UM785-HD – BLACK FLASH (CELLULAR) + built-in viewer (camo)

The UOVision UM785-HD Cellular (Black Flash) camera trap is a 12MP wireless camera trap capable of instantly transmitting original full size pictures (2MB – 4MB / 4000 x 3000) and up to 10 seconds HD video clips (with sound) via e-mail / MMS.

PLEASE NOTE: MMS sending in South Africa is not recommended due to network unreliability. Ongoing parameter / mast updates and re-configurations are causing MMS’s to often not be sent or arrive after lengthy delays. Sending via e-mail is rather recommended as it is just as fast and more cost-effective and you can also transmit video clips (with MMS you can’t transmit video clips – only images).

– When used for proactive security – the invisible no glow flash is a must!
With excellent picture and other optional resolution settings of 10MP, 8MP, 3MP and 1.3MP.
Full colour during the day-time and black & white at night time captures are black and white with a built-in darkness sensor to automatically use the invisible (no glow) flash up to a range of 20-25m when needed.
You can remotely control the UOVision UM785-HD Cellular with a very wide range of simple SMS commands from your cell phone or by using the free Android App (iOS version still under development).
– The APP / SMS remote control feature allows users to communicate with the camera remotely and change / update settings whenever required.
Built-in 2,4″ LCD colour viewing screen (front facing to assist with camera aiming / mounting during setup) used for programming and / or viewing what’s been saved on the SD card at the cameras location.
POWER SUPPLY – it operates on 12pcs of 1.5V AA size batteries (alkaline or Lithium recommended) with 2-3 months operating time (depending the amount of activity and operating temperatures). Batteries are loaded into the tray which makes battery changes easy. AA size NiMH rechargeable batteries can also be uses and the camera also has the option of 6v DC external power supply for SLA rechargeable batteries or solar panel. Battery status info is also printed on each transmitted image so you can keep tabs on usage – as well as time/date/temperature etc. info.
Optional weekly time table settings for the Start-Stop feature allows users to pre-set the camera to work only during certain working hours for certain days if required. Extremely useful especially if used for security surveillance.
Time-lapse feature also allows the camera to capture and send the photo or video at pre-set times and also capturing front of the camera motion-heat sources on the same time with PIR sensor.

* Picture quality 12MP, 10MP, 8MP, 3MP or 1.3MP Wireless 3G unit with SSL support
* Video quality: 1080P Full HD, 720P HD Fast (25 seconds) original full size picture transmission
* Video lengths 5sec – 60sec
* Video audio: yes
* Invisible black flash range of 20-25m
* Remote control via SMS commands or Free Android App (iOS version still under development)*
* Trigger speed – 0,4 sec
* Adjustable PIR sensor sensitivity: Normal, High, Low
* Adjustable PIR trigger interval: 0sec – 60min
* Built-in (front-facing) 2.4″ LCD screen for picture viewing and programming
* Burst Mode 1 – 10 images / activation
* Capture modes: Still picture, Video, Still picture + Video
* Adjustable Time-lapse: 5sec – 24h
* Weekly time table for Start-Stop operating hours selection
* Over-Write function
* Time & Date settings
* Picture stamp (time, day, temperature, battery status)
* Password protection: 4 number PIN code
* User menu language: English
* Compatible with 2GB – 32GB SD standard size memory cards (not included)
* Compatible with Wi-Fi SD cards
* Operates on 12pcs of 1.5V AA batteries (not included)
* 6V power port for external power source
* USB port (cable not included)
* TriPod or wall mount mounting screw at bottom of the camera
* Operating temperatures -20C to +60C
* IP54 weather proof
* Compatible with cable lock
* Locking hole right side of the outer case
* Camo front cover finish
* Included: Black antenna 21cm, mounting strap, manual

* Metal Security Case for cameras and / or external SLA battery
* MasterLock Python cables
* Batteries (AA size Lithium / AA size NiMH rechargeable / 6v SLA rechargeable)
* 6V external connection power cable to external SLA batteries
* 220V / 6V indoor power adapter
* 16-32GB standard size SD memory cards
* Various mounting / aiming options
* Cellular booster antennas

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