The FORCE-PRO delivers 30MP still images, and 4K video, because details matter. Not just when you’re observing things – but as we all get busier and have less time to spend in the woods, we need our scouting to pay off more than ever. What better way to ensure your scouting is valuable than with incredibly high-quality photo or video?. The FORCE-PRO delivers quality never before thought possible in a camera trap. Still images are delivered in 30MP resolution, so every detail is available for your scrutiny. Similarly, video can be captured in 4K mode, delivering images so clear you would think you were in the woods seeing them in real-time.
The FORCE-PRO isn’t just taking pretty pictures. It’s a workhorse camera trap with all the features you need, like the fast 0.2-second trigger speed. At less than a quarter second, fewer animals will be missed than with other cameras whose trigger speeds are closer to a full second. Not only that, but with a detection range out to 30m+, more animals are in range to be captured anyway. The FORCE-PRO is a serious camera for those that are obsessed with the details. Photo resolution is just the beginning, as every features of the FORCE-PRO puts the advantage in your favour, so when the time arrives you’re informed, ready, and have the details you need to put your plan into action.

• 30MP still photos
• 4K video mode – 10, 20, 30, 60sec (with sound)
• 0.2-second trigger speed
• 30m+detection range
• Up to 6 photos per activation
• Up to 128GB SD card capacity (included 16GB SD card)
• 8 x AA batteries (not included)
• DC12V external power compatible
• BUCK TRACKER Detection Technology

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