PARD G-SERIES – Handheld Thermal Cameras

G19 / 19LRF = 19mm Objective Lens
G25 / 25LRF = 25mm Objective Lens
G35 / 35LRF = 35mm Objective Lens
LRF models = with Laser Range Finder

These devices are truly amazing. Compact, portable and multinational thermal handheld cameras that are ideally suited for security, anti-theft, wildlife observation, outdoor exploration, hunting, night patrol and operations at sea. Adopting advanced NST technology and incorporated with French-made detector, it features High sensitivity, a High refresh rate and High availability.

→ High-performance thermal sensor:384×288, 17μm, 50Hz
→ Selective White-hot / Black-hot / Red-hot / IR-heat / Sky functions
→ Shutterless design, fast & smooth display
→ Matte black finish of 6061 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy
→ Long-Lasting Rechargeable 18650 lithium Battery
→ Sunshine-proof, self-repair
→ Durable, all-in-one device
→ User-friendly interface, easy to operate
→ Heat tracking function
→ Red dot / Laser
→ Various uses: Security / policing / observation / night hunting
→ Tactical Night Operation / Catching Criminals

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THERMAL Detection Distance


THERMAL Imaging Output

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