AGT-URQN3002X Uranous Ride – Night Vision (NV) IR Laser Imaging Camera

1. This integrated AGT-URQN3002X HD Intelligent Laser Camera is an excellence night vision IR camera specially developed for vehicle mounted applications based on SDI interface technology without image compression and video delay.
2. It’s an advanced intelligent monitoring product that integrates optical, mechanical, electrical and image. It consists of a high-definition integrated camera, high-definition laser illuminator, power mechanism, precision transmission device, digital decoder, high-performance image processing unit and controller.
3. Simple, compact and delicate mechanical designed structure with high positioning accuracy and reliability, flexible and fast operation, smooth start and stop, and convenient control;
4. With functions of multi-point target preset, memory, automatic cruising, etc.
5. Can be mounted anywhere and it implements real all-round monitoring without blind spots.
6. Automatically adapts to the brightness and adjusts the distance of the target and the size of the image automatically.
7. Highly performance-price ratio.
8. Made with a super-strong aluminium alloy to achieve IP66 protection level which ensures the long-term stable operation of the equipment in harsh environments, suitable too for image acquisition during vehicle mobile applications.
9. DSS stepping digital illumination angle control technology, unique laser and camera magnification distance matching algorithm, 0.1° precise follow-up control;
10. GHT-II Ultra-uniform high-definition lighting technology to ensure better imaging effect of the million HD Camera;
11. Independent photosensitive control which ensures the synchronization of B&W conversion and laser source turning on;
12. Accurate alignment of two optical axes and self-locking alignment of 0.01° SLM optical axes;
13. The light-load numerical control platform, 360° continuous rotation observation, no dead angle, smooth operation and small image jitter.
14. Vehicle mounted with high vibration resistance, suitable for all types of vehicles, yachts, tanks, and also poles / stands.
15. One integral aluminium alloy housing, water proof and dust-proof, IP66 ingress protection.


1. Seaport & airport security and safety monitoring;
2. Lake, river & water system monitoring;
3. Key material monitoring;
4. Railway system monitoring;
5. Oilfield security;
6. City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance;
7. Night gathering evidence.

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