AGT-URDN0734/0736-3002 Uranous Ride – Thermal Intelligent Dual Sensor Imaging Camera

This Uranous series of intelligent dual sensor camera are designed and developed based on the latest generation of uncooled thermal technology and high-definition visible imaging technology, for long-distance day and night monitoring. It’s an advanced intelligent monitoring product which integrates optics, mechanics, electronics and image.

It consists of:
– infrared thermal imaging;
– high-definition integrated camera;
– power mechanism, precision transmission device;
– digital decoder;
– high-performance image processing unit and controller.

This camera:
– has simple structure, compact and delicate structure design;
– high positioning accuracy and reliability;
– flexible, fast, stable start and stop, and easy to control and operate.;
– configured with the functions of multi-point target preset, memory, automatic cruise, and so on;
– position anywhere to achieve real all-round blind spot monitoring;
– automatically adapts to the brightness of the environment and automatically adjusts the distance to the target and the size of the image;
– high performance-price ratio.

The housing is made of a super-strong aluminium alloy to achieve IP66 protection level to guarantee the camera is operated for longer and more stable in harsh outdoor environments making it suitable for image acquisition under testing circumstances.


1. Seaport & airport security and safety monitoring;
2. Railway system monitoring;
3. Night gathering evidence;
4. Oilfield security;
5. Tourist spot;
6. Natural reserves land monitoring;
7. City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance

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