AGT-PSCN45226 Perseus – Ultra Long Range Cooled Thermal Imaging Camera

1. This Perseus PSCN series camera is developed with the latest cooled thermal IR technology detecting 19km+ ultra long distance.
2. The camera features a high NETD, advanced digital circuit and image processing algorithm providing users with crisp thermal images;
3. Usually Cooled Thermal Camera comes in 3 types, i.e. 20X continuous zoom, bi-fov and tri-fovn.
4. 20mk NETD ensures premium a thermal image, less affected by weather, and suitable for water surface detection.
5. Unique AS+DOE continuous 20X optical zoom; a smaller thermal IR camera lens and 3CAM high precision mechanical engineering.

6. Superb homogeneous correction ensures crisp thermal image.
7. SDE image enhancement, smooth and noise-free screen image, more choice on pseudo colour image and B/W, strong adaptability, easy to find low contrast / hidden target.
8. Strong light protection, anti-sunburn, supports multi-modal scenario mode, suitable for different applications.
9. Supports hot-point alert, transgression and invasion detection, auto-tracking function etc…
10. Aluminium alloy enclosure and IP 66 rated to withstand harshest weather conditions.


1. Border defence;
2. Coastal line monitoring;
3. Military training field monitoring;
4. Seaport, harbour & airport security and safety monitoring;
5. River, lake & other water system monitoring;
6. Railway & highway system monitoring;
7. Oilfield security;
8. City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance

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