AGT-MSQN7502 Medusas – Long Range Gaze HD Night Vision (NV) IR Laser Imaging Camera

1. Medusas’ MSQN series consists of HD Visible Camera + Night Vision (NV) IR Laser Illuminator which is suitable for 24 hour monitoring.
2. The detection distance for human/car/object is 4km+ during day time and 2km+ at night.
3. With its built-in technical grade embedded control electronic system, the camera is stable and accurate when zooming, focusing, video switching, and during rotation.
4. With DSS digital stepper illumination angle control, unique laser zooming and distance matching technology plus min 0.1° follow-up zooming.
5. GHT-II super homogenizing and power consumption control of the Night Vision (NV) IR ensures a better effect.
6. Independent photosensitive control circuit + precise synchronizing switching of laser and camera between day-night mode
7. Precise double optical alignment, 0.01° SLM optical self-locking alignment.
8. Heavy duty Pan/Tilt (PT), 360° continuous rotation observation, no dead angle, smooth and less image distortion.
9. One integral aluminium alloy housing, IP66 protection, waterproof, dust-proof, adapts to all kinds of harsh environments.


1. Navigation;
2. Fishery and aquaculture monitoring;
3. Seaport & airport security and safety monitoring;
4. Lake, river & water system monitoring;
5. Oilfield security;
6. Forest fire prevention;
7. City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance

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IR NIGHT VISION Detection Distance

IR NIGHT VISION Imaging Output




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