AGT-HRDN1654 /1656-5002 Heraus – Vehicle-Mounted Thermal Multi-Channel Imaging Camera

The Heraus series of AGT-HRDN1654/1656-5002 long distance vehicle-mounted multi-channel photoelectric systems are based on the latest 5th generation of uncooled thermal infrared technology and high definition visible light imaging technology, specifically for vehicle-mounted day/night and all-weather monitoring. It’s a high-end intelligent monitoring device which integrates optics, mechanics, electronics and image into one machine. It consists of:
 infrared thermal imaging,
 HD integrated visible camera,
 power mechanism,
 precision transmission device,
 digital decoder,
 high-performance image processing unit and controller.

At the same time, it can expand its capabilities with laser ranging, Beidou/GPS, electronic compass and other sensors or accessories to constitute a multi-functional situational awareness long-range monitoring
device. Its mechanical structure is fully reinforcement, is super-strength and rests on a stainless steel central bearing. With multi-point and omnidirectional reinforcement to ensure the equipment operates at its optimum in the case of vehicle bumps.
 It’s simple, compact and strong;
 High positioning accuracy and reliability;
 Flexible, fast, stable start and stop, and easy to control and operate.
 Configured with the functions of multi-point target preset, memory, automatic cruise and more…
 Anywhere mounting to achieve real all-round blind spot monitoring.
 Automatically adapts to the environment and automatically adjusts the distance of the target and the size of the image.

The internal military graded embedded control electronic system achieves highly stability control of zooming, focusing, sensor control, and rotation of the Pan-Tilt. The overall housing adopts with super-strong
aluminium alloy and the internal adopts high strength stainless steel bearings, which meets the seismic requirements of military wheeled vehicle.
It’s also meets with IP66 protection grade which to guarantee the equipment is operated longer and stable in harsh outdoor environment, and suitable for image acquisition under special circumstances.

Product’s Highlights:
1. It integrates a infrared thermal imaging camera, high-definition visible camera, video coding, cloud cover and a control electronic system all into one device. Its integrated design, highly centralized and easy to install and use;
2. The thermal design is based on MEMS technology with the latest generation of VOx detectors, has a detection sensitivity (NETD) of up to 50 mk (higher sensitivity than other conventional products), more
delicate picture quality and less affected by fog, rain and overcast / snow weather;
3. Unique AS + DOE advanced optical continuous zoom design and 3CAM high precision optical machine design enabling smooth and stable zooming – conducive to large-scale search and long-range recognition;
4. Excellent non-uniform image correction technology provides good image uniformity and dynamic range;
5. SDE image detail enhancement technology, image smoothness and noise-free, multi-pseudo-color and hot-black-hot-white polar image mode switching, strong adaptability, easy to find low contrast hidden targets;
6. Visible light processed by full HD color/black-white dual-mode low illumination CMOS sensor, long focus compact continuous zoom lens which is smaller in size and lighter in weight;
7. Uses light-loaded CNC Pan-Tilt, 360 degree continuous rotating observation meaning no dead angles, smooth operation and small image jitter;
8. Supports strong light protection and sun burn protection, supports multi-configuration scenario mode, and is suitable for different applications;
9. Supports multiple intelligent functions such as cross-border/intrusion detection and group cruising detection to reach unmanned duty;
10. Extensible laser ranging, Beidou/GPS, electronic compass and other sensors to constitute a multi-functional situational awareness long-range monitoring equipment;
11. Fully reinforced structural design, super-strength stainless steel central bearing, multi-point and omni-directional reinforcement to meet the environmental demands of vibration and impact for military
12. The whole machine is made of super-strong aluminium alloy shell, IP66 protection, rain and dust proof, and adapted for various harsh environments.


1. Military vehicle video command system;
2. Military base security monitoring;
3. Border and coastal defence and patrol vehicle surveillance;
4. Police/SWAT patrol vehicle for city surveillance;
5. Fire rescue and surveillance;
6. Disaster scene rescue.

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