AGT-HMDT50 Dual Spectrum Thermal Helmet Device

AGT-HMDT50 dual-spectrum helmet device is integrated with low illumination visible imaging, high performance thermal imaging, audio calls and video display. This device is able to provide effective all-weather reconnaissance work for users and comes with a built-in communication interface for users to obtain real-time information and command orders, and it can record visual information on site to send back through its digital terminal.
The design of this bi-spectral helmet device is in done according to ergonomic principles. The detachable structure design which helps to meet the weight distribution requirements of individual reconnaissance terminals – is comfortable to wear and easy to operate. At the same time, the equipment also has the characteristics of small size, light weight, low power consumption and high reliability. With the waterproof and dust-proof performance of IP66, it can meet with the requirements of various harsh environments. This device is widely applicable to military, public security, anti-terrorism, law enforcement, rescue and other users. It can be used for day and night battlefield reconnaissance, battlefield operations, vehicle driving, vigilance patrol, equipment maintenance, emergency rescue, medical rescue, law enforcement and counter-terrorism etc..

  1. Integrates with visible Imaging, thermal imaging, audio and other sensors, it can detect targets effectively at night and in harsh weather conditions, bi-spectral fusion is conducive to fast and accurate detection of targets.
  2. With high-definition OLED micro-display eyepiece, the image is clear and bright, and the target is reductive, that helps users to quickly grasp the battlefield situation.
  3. With focusing function, that takes into account the detection requirements of long-range and short-range targets, so as to ensure the versatility of the device.
  4. Adopting a non-shield design and advanced image algorithm for correction – it can effectively avoid the time blind spot with good image uniformity and dynamic range.
  5. The ergonomic principle and detachable structure design helps to satisfy the weight distribution requirements and alleviates the fatigue of users.
  6. Easy to operate and high reliability.
  7. The whole device is made of super-strong aluminium alloy shell with strong seismic resistance, IP66 protection, rain and dust proof.


1. Battlefield reconnaissance;
2. Criminal investigation;
3. Forensic and Inspection;
4. Vigilance patrol;
5. City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance;
6. Emergency rescue;
7. Counter terrorism activities etc..

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