AGT-HDSN1154/1156 Hadeous – Long Range Zoom Thermal Imaging Camera

  1. Design based on the latest uncooled IR sensitive technology and continuous IR optical zoom.
  2. Configured with either a 384×288 or 640×512 resolution uncooled FPA sensor, advanced digital circuit and image processing algorithm.
  3. Middle-long distance imaging design with 3X optical zooming lens which can detect to a distance of 8.6km.
  4. Image enhancement with 50mk NETD during foggy/rainy/snow weather days.
  5. Special AS+DOE optical zooming lens and 3CAM high-precision opto-mechanical design suit for both large-scale and long distance observation.
  6. Non-uniform image correction technology, stable working temperature without TEC, good image uniformity and dynamic range.
  7. SDE digital image processing, no image noise, 10 pseudo colour image and B/W, B/W inverse.
  8. Strong light protection, anti-sunburn prevention, supports multi-configuration scenarios, adapts to different environmental applications.
  9. Intelligent functions: Supports hot-point alert system, transgression and invasion detection, target tracking system etc. to achieve the “unmanned guardian’s” purpose.
  10. One integral aluminium alloy housing, weatherproof IP 66, waterproof, anti-dust.
  11. Integrated with a high-sensitive FPA sensor, both electronic and optical systems, which penetrates through fog/dust/rain/snow/haze and support for 24 hours monitoring.


1. Seaport & Airport safety and security monitoring;
2. River & lake monitoring;
3. Key material monitoring,
4. Military base security monitoring;
5. Oilfield and oil depot security;
6. Forest, grassland, coal mine, granary fire monitoring;
7. Ecological and environmental monitoring;
8. Border and coastal defence monitoring;
9. Urban high-altitude;
10. Anti-UAV (drones) tracking;
11. Highways, expressway, and railways system monitoring.

Network Module (Optional)

1. IP Connection:RJ45,10/100 Base-T Adaptor (Integrated Video Output and RS485 Control)
2. Network Protocol: Support TCP/IP, UDP, IPv4/v; Support HTTP, RTP, RTSP, NFS, DHCP, NTP, SMTP, SNMPv1/v2c/v3, UPNP, PPPoE, DNS, FTP; Support PSIA、ONVIF, etc.. (optional)
3. Encoding: H.264,Mpeg-4,Mpeg-2,MJPEG
4. Resolution: D1/4CIF/2CIF/CIF/QCIF
5. Frame rate: 25PAL/30NTSC Frame@D1
6. Local storage: support one 32G microSD card
7. Power consumption: about 6W

Additional information


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THERMAL Detection Distance


THERMAL Imaging Output





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