AGT-ARTN1016 Aries – Multi-Functional Reconnaissance Thermal Binoculars

A hand-held multi-functional reconnaissance device integrated with many advanced sensors, processing circuits and optical components, which can observe and detect targets all day and night. The product is equipped with an advanced 640 x 512 long-wave uncooled detector, which can provide high quality and high resolution image. Targets can be searched and detected in absolute darkness, hazy or smoky environments. Uses a large, high performance and low illumination CMOS low-light detector, the device can achieve low-light imaging, or combine with the infrared detector, thus helping users to find the more hidden targets.
It also integrates a long-distance eye-safe laser range-finder, Beidou/GPS positioning and digital electronic compass, which can help users position the observation location, target coordinates, azimuth and other geographical information, so as to quickly discover and dispose of targets. At the same time, an advanced image compression algorithm is used to record images, which can help users conduct synchronous sampling and video forensics.
This high-quality product is designed according to scientific ergonomic structures, with professional functions and simple operations to meet the needs of different users. It can significantly reduce and ease the quantity and weight of reconnaissance devices carried by users, and improve the ability of timely and comprehensive processing of information and data and shorten the reaction time to threats. The system has excellent waterproof and dust-proof performance, compact structure, light weight, durable, anti-seismic and anti-interference, and applicable in all climatic environments.
AGT-ARTN1016 integrates an industrial wireless module so with the help of a wireless network, it can easily browse high res images and smooth surveillance images through notepad, mobile phones and other mobile terminals. It is flexible, convenient and fast. It collects and stores video images through a dedicated APP to local mobile phones, and then coordinate with general-purpose software such as WeChat/qq/MMS, and sends to the remote users through 4G communication. The anti-interference ability of the signal in line transmission is greatly enhanced due to the monitoring system is completely digitised from video acquisition to storage.

1. Integrates with long-distance laser rangefinder, GPS and digital electronic compass, which can positioning the geographic information such as observation position, target coordinates and azimuth.
2. Based on the fifth generation miniaturisation detection technology, the design reduces the size and cost of the device making it easy to carry and use.
3. The whole machine is made of super-strong aluminium alloy shell with strong seismic resistance, IP67 protection, rain and dust prevention.
4. Ergonomic structure design, compact structure, simple operation;
5. The detection sensitivity (NETD) can reach 50 mk, which is higher than other conventional products, with better image quality and less affected by foggy, raining and snowing weather.
6. Unique AS optical design, high precision optical and mechanical design, with excellent imaging quality;
7. Excellent non-uniform image correction technology given good image uniformity and dynamic range.
8. SDE image detail enhancement technology, the image is smooth and noise-free, optional with hot-black hot-white polar image format, adaptable, easy to find low contrast hidden targets;
9. The device supports WIFI transmission, where real-time browsing, video recording and photo taking by using mobile APP


1. Coastline surveillance;
2. Criminal investigation of Public security;
3. Hunting;
4. Forensic sand Inspection;
5. Border defence and surveillance;
6. Military training and field applications.


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