AGT-ARSN0247 Aries – Handheld Dual Sensor Thermal + NV Monocular

This Aries series of dual-lens infrared thermal imaging monocular camera, adopts infrared and low light, which combining the advantages of both infrared and low light. Infrared lenses can see through smoke, fog and grass, and can be used in a total dark and lightless environment; low-light lenses provide higher imaging resolution and easier recognition of objects, make up for the defect of infrared cannot penetrate through the glass. At the same time with the fusion zooming (picture-in-picture function) , can zoom in on a single target and maintain with a high degree of clarity.

Fusion hot spot target auto-tracking + Infrared & low-light dual-spectral fusion, no shutter thermal, electrical compass, compact and flexible, easy to carry…


1. Criminal investigation;
2. Forensic and Inspection;
3. Oilfield and chemical plant security monitoring;
4. City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance;
5. Railway system security and guarding;
6. Night gathering / hunting.

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THERMAL Detection Distance

THERMAL Imaging Output

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IR NIGHT VISION Detection Distance

IR NIGHT VISION Imaging Output



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