AGT-ARSN0214 Aries – Handheld Thermal Monocular

Based on the 5th generation miniaturisation detection technology, the small design reduces the size and cost of the device making it easy to carry and use. This device is made of super-strong aluminium alloy shell, which can resist 1 meter drop, with IP66 protection, rain-proof and dust-proof.

The detection sensitivity (NETD) can reach 60mk, which is higher than other conventional products, with smoother picture quality and less affected by foggy, raining and snowing weather.
Unique AS optical design and high precision optical and mechanical design, excellent imaging quality;
Excellent non-uniform image correction technology with better image uniformity and dynamic range.
USB charging interface, power bank/cigarette lighter device and other portable charging methods;
SDE image detail enhancement technology, smooth image with noise-free, optional with hot-black hot-white polar image format, strong adaptability, made easy to find low contrast hidden targets;

The device supports WIFI transmission, real-time browsing, video recording and photo taking by mobile APP


1. Criminal investigation;
2. Forensic and Inspection;
3. Oilfield and chemical plant security monitoring;
4. City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance;
5. Railway system security and guarding;
6. Night gathering information / hunting.

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THERMAL Detection Distance


THERMAL Imaging Output

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