AGT-ARQN2612 Aries – Handheld IR Night Vision Binoculars

This Aries series of AGT-ARQN portable forensics laser camera is a laser night vision product specially designed for public security, criminal investigation and evidence collection purposes. With long focus-zoom lens, ultra-low illumination colour-to-black camera, and red-free exposure angle laser supplementary illumination, the longest detection distance can reach 1000 meters during daytime, and 500 meters is the night, the distance between identification of human activities can be up to 300 meters during daytime and 200 meters in the night.
This camera is also suitable for all-days continuously monitoring; using red-burst-free laser illuminator, easy to conceal, good lighting effect, not affected by external lighting; built-in miniaturised display and control module, which can achieve zooming, focusing, laser angle and switch control; built-in acquisition and storage functions, real-time video recording.
The whole machine is powered by large capacity lithium batteries, or by DC12V, which is suitable for portable and on-board power supply; it has OLED high-resolution display, high brightness and low temperature resistance; and the laser adopts three-speed fast-tuning mode, which to ensure the lasting of service life and ease of control.

1. Fog penetration function: support, enhance the image details and clarity during hazy weather;
2. Car’s plate reading: strong reflective suppression, read the plate number clearly;
3. Glass penetration: PV polarizing lens, can penetrate tinted car windows during day and night, and can clearly identify hidden personnel in the car


1. Hunting;
2. Criminal arrest activities;
3. Forensic and Inspection;
4. Oilfield and chemical plant security monitoring;
5. City Security and Safety Monitoring & Surveillance;
6. Railway system security and guarding.

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IR NIGHT VISION Detection Distance

IR NIGHT VISION Imaging Output



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