We’re a well-grounded and loyal family-owned businesses.

We are dedicated, trustworthy and pride ourselves in efficient, personal service.

It all started in 2007 when we downloading our first illusive leopard pic (above) – from that feeling of uncontainable excitement – we knew others would feel the same way – so we immediately became South Africa’s original camera trap company…

From these humble beginnings we’re proud to be established as THE foremost supplier of camera traps & accessories – coupled with FREE expert advice and service for any and all applications. Our intimate knowledge has been gathered from years of experience and keeping in touch with continually improving technologies.

The industry has grown immensely since 2007 and camera traps are being utilised in an ever increasing number of fields such as;

  • Wildlife research / conservation / monitoring
  • Crime prevention and security (domestic / commercial)
  • Pest control and monitoring


  • Authorized Distributor’s of all displayed items
  • A LEVEL 4 B-BBEE company
  • Continuously testing new makes and models in African conditions to offer our clients reliability and cost-effectiveness
  • Always co-operative with Research / Security & Bulk discounts

If certain items are not in stock, please allow 10 – 14 day delivery time

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